Raise Your Team's Employee Engagement Score

A Manager's Guide

by Richard Finnegan

On Sale: October 26, 2017

Price: $14.95

Book Summary

Do you want more employees to go the extra mile while at work? Learn how to raise employee engagement scores through the roof--without costing the company a dime!

About the Book

An enthusiastic workforce translates into higher productivity and profitability with less turnover and absenteeism. Fully committed workers will give their all every day--and it's your job to make that happen.

Employee engagement matters in a company. That is indisputable. And love it or hate it, still the best way to calculate just how engaged your company’s employees are, is the under-utilized employee engagement survey. But this shouldn’t just be busy work, nor should it be underestimated how important these scores are in predicting your company’s success.

In Raise Your Team's Employee Engagement Score, a practical, researched-based playbook that's applicable to any type of business with staff, retention expert Richard Finnegan reveals and discusses in depth the keys to increasing employee engagement:

  • Building trust with your team
  • Implementing stay interviews
  • Developing an employee value proposition
  • Hiring employees are self-motivate
  • Measuring progress and forecasting future engagement

If you want to see real results in raising your employee engagement survey scores--at no cost--begin implementing the proven techniques in this book now.

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