A Manager's Guide to Virtual Teams

by Yael Zofi

On Sale: August 17, 2011

Price: $22.99

Book Summary

Managers are struggling to help their increasingly remote teams work together smoothly and productively. Discover the Trust Wheel model that enables effective leadership across logistical, cultural, and communication gaps to ensure your team reaches its full potential.

About the Book

Yael Zofi’s proprietary Trust Wheel model is a proven solution to the unique challenges managers must overcome as more people migrate to partially or fully-remote working situations.

Based on the author’s twenty-plus years of consulting experience, this powerful tool encourages cohesiveness and engagement among team members--even if they’ve never met. A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams does this by providing a practical road map for bridging the physical distance among coworkers, incorporating self-study exercises and simple, fun activities that develop trust and ensure your team’s success.

The book explores the most critical elements to success for a team founded in trust, including:

  • accountability,
  • communication,
  • conflict management,
  • and deliverables.

Complete with examples, case scenarios, and strategies to help you navigate even your biggest hurdles, A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams will help your disparate collection of people get their work “out the door” faster and better.

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  • On Sale: August 17, 2011
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