Leading the Unleadable

How to Manage Mavericks, Cynics, Divas, and Other Difficult People

by Alan Willett

On Sale: November 29, 2016

Price: $19.99

Book Summary

You don’t have to just learn to live with “problem people” (or fire them!). Transform the troublesome into the tremendous!

About the Book

Every manager has to deal with difficult employees. However, what separates the great managers is their ability to turn them into productive team players.

Control freaks. Narcissists. Slackers. Cynics. Their outbursts, irrational demands, gripes, and countless other disruptions need to be dealt with, and you are the unlucky one with that job description.

This book turns this seemingly difficult chore into a straight-forward process that gently, yet effectively, improves behaviors. It all begins with understanding a core truth: most people actually want to contribute results, not cause headaches. When the manager resets to that fundamental principle, the potential for change can reveal itself in even the most hopeless situations.

Written by tech industry expert Alan Willett, Leading the Unleadable explains how to:

  • Master the necessary mindset
  • Explain the problem calmly in a short feedback session
  • Get a commitment to change, then follow up
  • Coach others to replicate the process
  • Develop the situational awareness required to spot future trouble before it hits

Are you a great manager? Of course you believe you are. So don’t just put up with your difficult employees. Anyone can do that.

Turn them into the tremendous team players everyone wants them to be!

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