Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach

Use Your Knowledge, Experience, and Intuition to Help Leaders Excel

by Michael H. Frisch, Robert J. Lee, Karen L. Metzger, Jeremy Robinson, Judy Rosemarin

On Sale: July 5, 2011

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Book Summary

What does it take to lead a leader? This revolutionary guide explains the core content areas that are crucial in any coach’s work and guides readers to develop their own personal, powerful model of executive coaching.

About the Book

Written by five leading executive coaches, Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach is the answer to any businesses’ need for more individualized development resources.

Drawing on their varied backgrounds, the authors show you that coaching is about more than simply learning a set of skills. Rather, it’s a whole-person activity--one in which coaches connect to and serve clients in unique and personal ways to help them grow in work and in life.

You’ll learn how to draw on your professional experience, knowledge of organizationally relevant topics, strong helping skills, coaching-specific competencies, and most important, your ability to use your own intuition to become a more effective leadership coach.

You will examine the crucial content areas that drive their work such as:

  • engagement
  • goal setting
  • needs assessment
  • data gathering
  • feedback
  • development planning

With case studies that bring the material to life in each chapter and a plethora of additional charts, development plans, and contracts, Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach continues the discussion of the role of coaching in organizational contexts and equips you to develop your own winning strategies that will advance their careers--and the careers of countless others.

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