Consultative Selling

The Hanan Formula for High-Margin Sales at High Levels

by Mack HANAN

On Sale: March 15, 2011

Price: $22.99

Book Summary

Do you sell products or services? Mack Hanan has a secret to share: it doesn’t matter. Discover the proven formula for selling customer profit that generates maximum sales.

About the Book

When you help your customers and clients make profitable business decisions, the result is a win-win solution that can lead to a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship.

In Consultative Selling, sales consultant Mack Hanan helps you achieve just that by introducing a formula that will take your sales to the next level--one that involves you exchanging your salesperson hat for that of a trusted consultant. You’ll learn how to:

  • create a two-tiered sales model to separate consultative sales from commodity sales;
  • build and use consultative databases for value propositions and proof of performance;
  • study your customers’ cash flows to win proposals;
  • use consultative selling strategies on the web;
  • and cope with--and reverse--the inevitable “no.”

For over four decades, Consultative Selling has empowered countless sales professionals to reap maximum success.

Now, packed with new partnering strategies, cost/benefit analysis templates, detailed monetized value proposition models, outcome-based branding approaches, and powerful consulting tactics, the eighth edition of this invaluable resource will bring you wide-ranging success--making the competition irrelevant.

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  • On Sale: March 15, 2011
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