Beating the Workplace Bully

A Tactical Guide to Taking Charge

by Lynne Curry

On Sale: January 13, 2016

Price: $22.99

Book Summary

Bullies don’t stay on playgrounds. They can also make your work life a living hell. It’s time to reclaim your power!

About the Book

Whether you’re the target of manipulation, intimidation, verbal abuse, or deliberate humiliation, Beating the Workplace Bully will show you how to fight back.

Bullies aren’t just limited to the playground. Now they roam around from the boardroom to the break room looking to manipulate, intimidate, and humiliate--and eventually ruin your career! This book is your ammunition for fighting back.

Whether the bully is a boss or a coworker, this empowering guide will help you recognize what has been causing you to become a victim, then reveals how to:

  • Avoid typical bully traps
  • Remain aware and in charge
  • Move past your fear
  • Calm yourself in any confrontation
  • Keep your dignity intac
  • Handle sneak attacks
  • Combat cyberbullying

Complete with exercises, assessments, and real-life examples, Beating the Workplace Bully will help you reclaim your power and defeat the office bully once and for all!

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9780814436882
  • ISBN 10: 0814436889
  • On Sale: January 13, 2016
  • Pages: 256
  • List Price: $22.99
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  • Category 1 : BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Business Communication / General
  • Category 2 : BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Workplace Culture
  • Category 3 : FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Bullying
  • Category 4 : BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Decision-Making & Problem Solving
  • Category 5 : BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Organizational Behavior
  • Category 6 : BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Conflict Resolution & Mediation