We Are Market Basket

The Story of the Unlikely Grassroots Movement That Saved a Beloved Business

by Daniel Korschun, Grant Welker

On Sale: 08/12/2015

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Book Summary

What if a company were so treasured and trusted that people literally took to the streets to save it? Discover the story of Market Basket . . . What can your company learn from this incredible story?

About the Book

On June 23, 2014, the long-time CEO of a popular New England supermarket chain was ousted by his board of directors, led by his cousin. What transpired over the next two months is an inspiring tale of epic loyalty to a man who had impacted his community far beyond that of providing groceries.In We Are Market Basket, readers will learn more than simply the story of the strike heard round the world. How did a single CEO garner so much respect from his company’s managers and rank-and-file workers that they walked out of the stores and protested? How did the ousting of an executive result in customers leaving the stores and joining protest rallies? Politicians were forced to take sides, and media were left stunned at the unprecedented and united show of support for this lone businessman. What was so special about this CEO and how he ran his business that provoked such ferocious loyalty? How does a company spread across three states maintain a culture that embraces everyone--from cashier to customer--as family? Can a company really become an industry leader by prioritizing stakeholders over shareholders? With its arresting firsthand accounts from the streets and executive suites, We Are Market Basket is as inspiring as it is instructive as it chronicles the epic rise, fall, and redemption of an iconic and uniquely American company.

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