Dial Down the Drama

Reducing Conflict and Reconnecting with Your Teenage Daughter--A Guide for Mothers Everywhere

by Colleen O'Grady

On Sale: 11/11/2015

Price: $19.99

Book Summary

Got drama? You do if you have a teenage daughter. Learn how to defuse the drama . . . and dial up the joy!

About the Book

Congratulations! You’re the mother of a teenage daughter! Welcome to the world of door slams, boy craziness, glass-shattering screams, and eye rolls bigger than the earth’s rotation around the sun. The truth is, as you should remember yourself, being a teenage girl is one long emotional roller coaster. And if mom responds in kind, she’s just adding fuel to the fire and eroding the relationship. More than at any other time in their life, teen girls need their mom to be a stable anchor.In Dial Down the Drama, family therapist and mom Colleen O’Grady shares what she learned firsthand during her own daughter’s teenage years about how best to calmly de-escalate even the most stressful scenes and parent intentionally even when your teen is pushing you away. She wants every other mom to learn how to:• Regain perspective• Break the cycle of conflict• Tune into her daughter without drowning in the drama• Foster spontaneous conversations• Replace worrying and overreacting with effective communication and action• And much more!As Colleen has said, you don’t dial down the drama in order to survive the teenage years; you do so because you actually can enjoy them! This empowering guide gives you the tools you need to do just that.

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