Selling Above and Below the Line

Convince the C-Suite. Win Over Management. Secure the Sale.

by William Miller

On Sale: February 11, 2015

Price: $24.99

Book Summary

There are two customers to every sale. Are you effectively reaching both?

About the Book

Most salespeople work hard to become proficient in reaching the frontline managers in their markets. However, a salesperson who wishes to achieve long-lasting success with a client will learn how to also appeal to top-level executives from an “above the line” perspective.

Master sales trainer Skip Miller shows how to simultaneously sell to both the frontline manager as well as the executive who is more concerned with profit/loss indicators such as ROI, time saved, risk lowered, and productivity improved – a strategy used by Google, Apple, Cisco WebEx, and other powerhouses.

In Selling Above and Below the Line, you will learn how to:

  • Create energy by including executives early in the sales process.
  • Ask the right questions and pinpoint big-picture financial needs.
  • Keep “below the line” managers from feeling bypassed.
  • Uncover value propositions that target each set of decision-makers.
  • Sales that seem locked in will stall or go dark.

Customers who have been loyal to you suddenly back out of the relationship due to decisions made above the manager’s head. This often could have been avoided had the salesperson been intentional to sell both the technical and financial fit.

In Selling Above and Below the Line, learn to effectively communicate both, leading to more successful and lucrative deals than ever before.

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