Cultivate the Enduring Customer Loyalty That Keeps Your Business Thriving

by Noah Fleming

On Sale: 01/07/2015

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Book Summary

Is your company acting like adrenalin junkies, chasing after new customers at the expense of your loyal base? Don’t fall for the lurid trap that says newer is better.

About the Book

Your company would not be where it’s at today without your loyal customers. And yet how much time is spent toward improving and increasing value among your steady core versus the time--and money!--spent on obtaining new leads, getting through closed doors, and eventually realizing you’ve been beating a dead horse that is not going to win any races for you? Why do so many companies take valuable time and resources away from focusing on their heartbeat and go off on mad pursuits of hypotheticals that have already proven to have a remarkably low ROI?Evergreen exposes this nonsensical chase for what it is: a brief spike in metrics and an ongoing revenue drain, as one-time customers fail to return. It then proposes that the better solution is to shift resources from attracting new customers to engaging the base--every company’s path to stable growth, season after season. The entertaining stories and action steps weaved throughout these pages reveal how anyone can: • Cultivate the 3Cs of evergreen companies: character, community, and content• Build loyalty programs that turn satisfied customers into enthusiastic advocates• Nurture profitable customers while pruning those who sap time and money• Inject authenticity into social media communications• Invert the expectations gap that can drive customers awayNo matter the business--whether it is a tech software giant or a mom-and-pop laundromat, customer retention is the key to sustaining success. Evergreen will help you turn satisfied customers into enthusiastic advocates and steady profits.

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