The Elements of Resume Style

Essential Rules for Writing Resumes and Cover Letters That Work

by Scott Bennett

On Sale: 09/03/2014

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Book Summary

Competition for hot jobs is fierce, and the first step to getting noticed amongst the crowd is your résumé.

About the Book

Building your résumé should be one of the easier parts to the whole job-interview process. But instead it’s becoming increasingly stressful as well! What kind of résumé will spark the employer’s interest? Which kind most often get passed over? How far back are we supposed to go? How can we best explain those time gaps in between jobs? Are the rules different for online résumés? There are so many vital questions when it comes to building a résumé today, but only one way to be assured you’re getting the right answers--by asking a hiring expert.Scott Bennett has hired hundreds of people in a variety of industries, and he knows firsthand the insights that will catch an employer’s eye, as well as what dangers to avoid if you want to survive the first cut. In The Elements of Résumé Style, Bennett shows readers how to craft clear, compelling, targeted résumés and cover letters that actually work. In this new edition that includes social media and online-application tips, readers will be provided:• More than 1,400 action words, statements, and position descriptions that help sell your skills and experience• Hundreds of words, phrases, and vague claims to avoid• Advice for handling employment gaps, job-hopping, and requests for salary history and requirements• Sample résumés, response letter, inquiry letter, informational interview request letter, references, and more• Surprising tips for acing the interviewIn today’s ultra-competitive environment, competition is intense no matter the field or position. And the often-overlooked first hurtle to jump over is no doubt the résumé. This candid book’s time-tested tools will make sure yours stands out--helping to get you the job you deserve!

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