Parenting with a Story

Real-Life Lessons in Character for Parents and Children to Share

by Paul Smith

On Sale: November 12, 2014

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Book Summary

Your child heard your plea, but did it land? Learn how using a story can make the impact you’ve been looking for.

About the Book

“Play nice!” “Be kind!” “Don’t do that!” Every day, it seems half our conversations with young people is made up of commands dealing with character and niceties--all issues that need to be addressed and not ignored. But how is it working? Do you find yourself back at square one the next day, with a child acting as though they had no idea they shouldn’t be lying? In Parenting with a Story, author Paul Smith, one of the world’s leading experts in organizational storytelling, shows that when stories are used to illustrate to children how choices and consequences play out in the real world, with real people, the impact will be far more profound than the relentless commands that are forgotten or ignored as soon as the parent turns away. This collection of 101 narratives from people around the world and from all walks of life includes lessons that illuminate the power of character, integrity, curiosity, creativity, grit, kindness, patience, gratitude, and other essential characteristics every parent should be trying to instill in their children. Sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes funny, always compelling, these stories impart wisdom and help steer choices about: • Resisting peer pressure• Remaining open-minded• Being humble• Making courageous decisions• Standing by their word• Bouncing back from failure• Showing compassion• Picking friends wisely• And moreThroughout all of history, stories have been used to help shape who we are and who we aspire to come. But effective storytelling doesn’t have to be reserved for teachers, writers, and preachers. As a parent, learn how to share stories, discuss them with your child, and watch your child grow into the adult every parent would be proud of.

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