The Innovative Sale

Unleash Your Creativity for Better Customer Solutions and Extraordinary Results

by Mark Donnolo

On Sale: February 20, 2014

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Format: eBook

Book Summary

Using one side of your brain has gotten you this far already. Imagine your success if you utilized both sides!

About the Book

A left-brained salesperson uses logic and process to analyze their way to success. A right-brained salesperson flies by the seat of their parents to stumble upon exciting, innovative ways to bring in new business. Which is the better way to find success? Yes!When the left-brained learns how to integrate the right-brain aptitude for creativity, and the right-brained discovers how to draw on the left-brain affinity for operating analytically, a hybrid sales genius results who has learned how to address all their customers’ needs and can land more sales than they ever imagined possible. Packed with real-life examples and powerful principles, The Innovative Sale reveals how to:• Define the sales challenge• Question assumptions and look for ways to reframe the problem• Mine unrelated situations for fresh solutions• Get comfortable with feeling lost as you explore new directions• Break some rules and learn to “grow with the flow”Drawing on the work of pioneering geniuses in design, architecture, and the arts, the tools and tips of this game-changing book will help any salesperson--left- or right-brained--unleash their own unique powers of intuition and innovation.

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  • On Sale: February 20, 2014
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