Communications Skills for Project Managers

by G. Campbell

On Sale: 05/13/2009

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Book Summary

What is the most important responsibility of a project manger? Effectively communicating with others on the team. Learn how to keep everyone in the loop--even when setbacks occur--to ensure project success.

About the Book

This invaluable resource explains how to ensure every component of a project is understood by the people responsible for execution to drive your project to completion and success.

According to the Project Management Institute, over 80 percent of a project manager’s job is communication--yet most project management books hardly discuss it. However, Communications Skills for Project Managers focuses on communication skills such as how to: 

  • keep those on the project team--as well as upper management--involved and informed;
  • establish a plan for communication;
  • effectively present to stakeholders;
  • compete with other initiatives within the organization;
  • convey reasons for change;
  • and more.

Even a project that is brought in on time and on budget can be considered a failure if those outside the project team weren’t kept informed about progress and goals. Communications Skills for Project Managers provides practical advice and strategies for overcoming shifting organizational priorities, constantly evolving expectations, and leadership turnover through the power of clear communication to consistently produce results.

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