The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution

Powerful Revenue Strategies to Take You to the Next Level

by Laurence Pagnoni, Michael Solomon

On Sale: October 15, 2013

Price: $19.95

Book Summary

Your nonprofit needs the revenue strategies of a competitive enterprise if it’s going to secure the funding it needs to survive.

About the Book

To survive and ultimately thrive, a nonprofit needs forceful revenue strategies and an organizational culture that champions them, and this book shows you just how to do it.

Between government cutbacks, shrinking endowments, and business belt-tightening, the nonprofit sector may end up being the biggest victim of today’s unpredictable market that few even hear about. However, this does not mean that nonprofits aren’t just as vital as before--if not more so--or that yours cannot receive the regular funding it needs to fulfill the mission you heroically set out to do. It’s going to take the same type of advanced organizational and competitive strategies that the most successful for-profit businesses have utilized to remain atop the leader board.

Bridging the gap between theory and practical methods, The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution shows you how to:

  • Ensure that executive leadership and board dynamics fully support fundraising initiatives
  • Build a broad constituency of donors aligned to the mission
  • Determine the right level of funding diversification
  • Use tactics such as challenge drives, stretch gifts, and corporate matching; parlor gatherings; leadership councils; year-end drives; corporate partnerships; and major campaigns to power revenue, increase access to wealthy donors, and raise their community profile
  • Proactively encourage planned giving
  • Avoid revenue plateaus

Complete with stories of those who have done this exceptionally well, as well as “casebooks” of the strategies-in-action, The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution reveals how any nonprofit can implement advanced fundraising methods and secure the funds they need to excel.

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  • On Sale: October 15, 2013
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