Delight Your Customers

7 Simple Ways to Raise Your Customer Service from Ordinary to Extraordinary

by Steve Curtin

On Sale: June 11, 2013

Price: $18.99

Book Summary

When it comes to customer service, only extraordinary will do. Discover the three elements common to all exceptional service experiences.

About the Book

Discover the hidden ways to raise your organizations’ customer service experiences from ordinary to extraordinary.

If you want to know how strong your company’s customer service is, ask your employees to describe what their work entails. Then pay attention to whether they simply list their duties and tasks or if they speak to the true essence of their job--to create delighted customers who will be less price sensitive, have higher repurchase rates, and enthusiastically recommend the company or brand to others.

The latter should be every employee’s highest priority, because when it’s not, your customers are merely the recipients of a transaction, not an experience, and transactions do not make for a lasting impression or inspire loyalty. In Delight Your Customers, customer service expert Steve Curtin makes a compelling case that customer service managers need to shift from monitoring service activities to modeling, recognizing, and reinforcing the behaviors that create happy and returning customers. Things such as:

  • Expressing genuine interest
  • Offering sincere compliments
  • Sharing unique knowledge
  • Conveying authentic enthusiasm
  • Providing pleasant surprises
  • Delivering service heroics when needed

Simply based on their own personal experiences, everyone knows that great customer service is rare. So why wouldn’t you want to provide a unique, caring, and beneficial experience for all your customers to rave about with others? With the real-world stories, examples, and strategies shared in Delight Your Customers, you can take the customer service experience you offer from ordinary to extraordinary.

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