The Economy of You

Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life

by Kimberly Palmer

On Sale: 01/16/2014

Price: $5.99

Format: eBook

Book Summary

In today’s pink-slip-happy economy, becoming your own money-making engine has never been more important--nor easier with the tips and strategies of this inspiring book!

About the Book

The microbusiness is huge! That’s not just a play on words but an indisputable fact that millions of budding entrepreneurs have already figured out. On top of adding to their income and creating safety nets in case the ax falls at work, they have been able to unlock their creativity and find a sense of fulfillment they never dreamed possible--or rather day-dreamed possible from their uninspiring cubicle.In The Economy of You, author and microbusiness owner herself Kimberly Palmer illuminates the everyday faces behind this growing movement, starting with her own journey. Readers will meet a deli employee who makes custom cakes at night, an instrument repairman who sells voice-overs on his website, a videographer who started a profitable publishing house on the side, and many other inspirational examples of those who have discovered how to turn their joys and hobbies into a profitable microbusiness. Interwoven in the profiles are concrete guidelines for readers looking to launch rewarding businesses of their own, including: • Tips for figuring out the ideal side gig • Ideas for keeping start-up costs low • Advice on juggling a fledgling enterprise and a full-time job • Branding and marketing basics that bring results • When and what to offer for free • And much moreYour employer can guarantee nothing but today’s wages. It’s up to YOU to build real financial stability. It’s empowering, gratifying, and now easy to do with The Economy of You.

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