Persuasive Business Proposals

Writing to Win More Customers, Clients, and Contracts

by Tom Sant

On Sale: April 30, 2012

Price: $22.99

Book Summary

Companies are still producing confusing, unpersuasive business proposals--few of which result in new clients or contracts. Learn how to craft a powerful proposal that increases your sales success.

About the Book

Most people find proposal writing to be tedious and time-consuming--and their documents show it, but proposal writing is about more than checking off boxes on a list of requirements.

Writing a winning proposal is vital to getting a ‘yes’ on your next bid. That’s why Tom Sant, a proposal consultant for Global 500 companies and the creator of widely used proposal automation systems, has spent his career providing hands-on guidance for crafting powerful proposals and RFPs.

In Persuasive Business Proposals, he shares the same insights with you--teaching you what a good proposal is not and explaining the value of a proposal as an important and effective sales tool for driving business. You’ll learn how to:

  • attract prospects’ attention and speak to their needs;
  • ask essential questions for qualifying opportunities;
  • “power up” cover letters and executive summaries;
  • overcome “value paranoia”;
  • incorporate proof into a proposal;
  • and write winning renewal contracts.

With clear instructions as well as before-and-after samples, the third edition of Persuasive Business Proposals takes you step-by-step through a highly effective process for writing customized packages that capture new business.

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