The Marketing Plan

How to Prepare and Implement It

by William Luther

On Sale: March 9, 2011

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Book Summary

Search-engine optimization, social networking, and pay-per-click have revolutionized the marketing game. Learn how to navigate this new landscape and generate a winning plan to market your business.

About the Book

The rules for creating a knock-out marketing plan have completely changed. With the advent of digital business strategies, it may seem like you need to start from scratch. In his trusted classic, now completely updated to reflect the latest changes in digital marketing, Bill Luther shows readers how to navigate this perilous landscape while staying true to your current marketing strategy and the tools that work best for your business. With answers to important marketing questions in each chapter, readers will identify their marketing objectives and deploy specific strategies for every stage of the marketing cycle--from competitive and market analysis to planning, budgeting, brand development, and management. The up-to-the-minute fourth edition of The Marketing Plan pairs case studies and examples from major brand successes of the last ten years with access to online software that aids in decision-making, pricing, budget calculations, and sales projections--providing everything you need to produce an impressive and professional marketing plan.

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