The Diversity Code

Unlock the Secrets to Making Differences Work in the Real World

by Michelle T. Johnson

On Sale: September 8, 2010

Price: $19.95

Book Summary

Do you have questions about the movement toward increased workplace diversity that you’re too afraid to ask? This daringly honest book promotes understanding about the value of cross-cultural teams by addressing challenging questions and providing clear answers.

About the Book

The best organizations have struck a balance between reconciling differences and valuing them to promote genuine, cross-cultural teams. Based on years of experience as a diversity expert and attorney, author Michelle T. Johnson uses a healthy mix of humor and blunt honesty to show professionals and their employers why fostering true workplace diversity is a must for any successful business. The Diversity Code does this by answering many of the toughest questions people are often afraid to ask, including: How do you define diversity?; Am I “safe” simply following the law?; Can’t we just acknowledge that we are the same and different--and get on with our work?; How do I handle diversity problems on my staff--or worse, with people who outrank me?; What do I do if I’m accused of something?; and How do I institute change without ticking people off? Each chapter begins with one of these challenging questions, guides readers through thoughts and ideas relating to it, and concludes with a real-world scenario and a chance for readers to test themselves on the cultural competency knowledge they’ve gained.The most diligent compliance with laws and regulations can’t foster true workplace diversity. By equipping professionals and employers with the tools and knowledge to navigate--and appreciate--new workplace diversity initiatives, The Diversity Code reveals the key to increased innovation, collaboration--and respectful working relationships.

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  • On Sale: September 8, 2010
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