Succeeding in the Project Management Jungle

How to Manage the People Side of Projects

by Doug Russell

On Sale: March 8, 2011

Price: $19.95

Book Summary

It's a jungle out there! In today’s competitive and fast-paced market, author Doug Russell gives project managers the key to survival: making the most of your people. Discover the TACTILE Management system that matches existing processes with your team’s capabilities to produce outstanding results.

About the Book

Despite the investment of time and money, companies are struggling to ensure their projects succeed. In his innovative book, author Doug Russell shows readers how the people-centric TACTILE Management ™ system maximizes an organization’s current processes by cutting through the technical weeds to emphasize individual skills and the value of collaboration. Using the seven characteristics of high-performance project teams--transparency, accountability, communication, trust, integrity, leadership, and execution--Succeeding in the Project Management Jungle teaches readers how to: take project teams out of their functional silos and transform them into a powerful, integrated force; balance the expectations of customers, management, and project teams with the technical requirements of cost, schedule, and performance; avoid or minimize possible pitfalls; and much more. With countless man-hours clocked and billions of dollars spent every year on project tools, companies can’t afford the astonishingly slow success rate of most businesses’ endeavors. This phase-by-phase project guide shows readers how to apply invaluable people soft skills in real-life situations to ensure every phase of the project cycle is a success.

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