Nice Teams Finish Last

The Secret to Unleashing Your Team's Maximum Potential

by Brian Miller

On Sale: May 19, 2010

Price: $18.99

Format: Paperback

Book Summary

There's a palpable feeling that clouds many team meetings and keeps them from being productive: overpoliteness. Discover the antidote to this crutch and get your team back on track.

About the Book

This guide provides the antidote to the common tendency of conflict, giving managers, team leaders, members, and facilitators the practical support they need to battle “the nice trap” and start getting results.

Conflict naturally exists in most organizations--even in those that never make waves. In the case of the more subdued teams, author Brian Miller explains that there’s a much deeper problem going on: the conflict doesn’t go away, but instead it manifests itself in passive-aggression, mediocrity, and a molasses-like inability to get anything done.

In Nice Teams Finish Last, you will learn:

  • how to hone skills such as constructive criticism,
  • provide clear and honest communication,
  • and discover how to lean in to the kind of conflict that drives innovation and quality without hurting feelings or creating enemies.

Clear, sharp feedback, and constructive challenges are just what teams need to go from NICE to BOLD and reap all the benefits that come with that radical transformation--including more satisfaction with your workplace culture (not less). Complete with helpful team assessments and easy-to-use planning sheets, Nice Teams Finish Last provides the eye-opening tools teams need to achieve very nice results!

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  • On Sale: May 19, 2010
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