Managing Government Employees

How to Motivate Your People, Deal with Difficult Issues, and Achieve Tangible Results

by Stewart Liff

On Sale: 02/26/2007

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Book Summary

Government managers don't have to drown in bureaucratic regulations; they can lead employees as proactively and decisively as corporations do. Managing Government Employees is a go-to guide to empower leaders, improve employee performance, and help you meet daily challenges with energy and efficiency.

About the Book

Managing government employees presents unique challenges. Government managers may feel that stringent and convoluted regulations mean they "can't do that". Some others may use that perception as a crutch. But the truth for all of them is, yes, they can "do that" -- and they'd better. "That" means managing employees as proactively and decisively as their corporate counterparts, and holding their staffs, teams, and departments accountable for productivity and results. Managing Government Employees offers dozens of techniques for meeting the challenges and stressful situations supervisers face on a daily basis. Major topics include how to: * get maximum dedication and productivity from employees * improve results of poor performers and discipline or fire them when necessary * deal with union and EEO issues * cut through the red tape of government employment systems For managers frustrated by government bureaucracy, this book lets them know they have more power than they may think.

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